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Monday, July 16, 2012


There are all different types of funks to be in...some are bad, some are sad, some seem extraordinarily long, and some seem short, but the best kind are the ones that make you realize how exceptionally lucky you are to just be right where you are. And this funk my friends is what we on Palo Pinto like to call PEAK SEASON!

If you know me you know that I'm not a particularly unhappy person, nor do I take too much time without a big smile stretched across my face. Peak season is a different kind of smile though. It's the smile that you can't make go away. It's like Christmas morning or when your 6 year old self ran into your favorite character at Disney World! It's being in the moment and really experiencing every minute of life and loving who you get to spend it with. I know I'm blessed to spend it with some of the best of friends.

I hope that everyone can experience peak season along with us, and at the very least come along and maybe some of our luck will bounce off onto you! The next time I feel down on my luck.. I'm happy to know that peak season is just around the corner.. and things really are always far better ahead of you, you've just got to see them, trust in the madness, and appreciate things and people that make life more enjoyable!

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