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Friday, September 10, 2010

Chocolate Cake fixes most things..

So for some reason since I got the Iphone4 in July, I have been religiously looking at my horoscope on some horoscope app that I downloaded. Pretty stupid, I know. But almost always (at least once a week) I actually take a minute to think about what it says. Today in particular I took it to heart. It basically told me to have a "me" day and it was exactly what I needed. So far, I slept in till noon, ate chocolate cake for breakfast, played with my precious little niece for a while, then laid in bed and watched crappy tv all day. My mind is cleared, and I'm just ready for an amazing weekend!

This is a picture of my wonderful chocolate cake left over from last night at Pazzo!

This is my niece, Eleanor...isn't she fabulous in her tutu?

As for my past week. Lots of firsts happened for me:

1. Got asked by a 90 year old man to move to Oregon and be his wife, YES he was serious, and YES he is one of my Scooter Store customers.

2. Painted my apartment for the first time without parental supervision, Mom we could use some of your edging expertise, but other than that it was a success.

3. Went to a Music Festival with some friends from high school and painted tribal symbols all over our bodies, yes quite the experience. I was way too exhausted after night one (that by the way ended at 5 am) that I did not go back for a second round. Nonetheless, an experience i will NEVER forget, and probably never repeat.

4. Experimented with Sally Hansen Quick Dry nail polish, CAUTION kids don't try this at home. The colors are fabulous, but the result is cracky, bumpy, disappointing fingernails.

5. Drew my first self-portrait for a drawing class. EPIC FAIL, but my third attempt was good enough to turn in for a grade!

That's all for now folks. Ps there are new songs on the music I'm listening to list, and an August list will be on fbook ASAP!


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