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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When is a corny movie just TOO corny!

My roomates and I decided to redbox the new JLO movie The Back-up Plan tonight. After about 5 minutes I was completely uninterested. It somehow seemed to fit EVERY classic romantic comedy cliche into one movie: the lucky heads up penny on the ground, the sweet guy who asks for the first kiss, the hard to get game, and a lot more. It was almost as if the movie was made to make fun of romantic comedies it was THAT BAD! In other words our red box endeavor was an epic fail.

Some other wonderful observations made tonight while taking an hour to stroll and grocery shop through walmart...

1) Apparently you can't buy a bottle of wine if you are with 2 other underage people, AT WALMART when they are buying groceries at completely different self-checkouts.

2) "Yea, so make sure you always have your identification on you mam. The things we have to card for are changing all the time. You never know what kids these days are making Meth out of" great advice from the check out lady.

3) Walmart sells avocados seasonly, so much for our anticipated mexican feast for friday night.

All in all it was a fabulous night of nursing our hangovers, wasting a $1.08 on a horrible movie, and successfuly making this blog look pretty sweet.

Until next time bloggers,


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  1. AAAAAAAAAH I love love LOVE it. Ps ooh wallyworld. pps back to work... ppps I LOVE YOU TILL THE END OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!