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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My last 3 weeks in a nutshell

The month of October has been a crazy one filled with roadtrips, bar hopping, and football games on the weekends; then lots of school and scooters during the week. Some new things I've discovered over the past few weeks:

-Gavin Degraw Pandora
-I love the color red in dresses especially (Thanks B)
-The absence of Gossip girl Mondays and recap Tuesdays are the only thing that sucks about the summer months.
-FALL is approaching.
-Coppell tire either LOVES seeing my face or does not part well with my car
because i pretty much find myself there every weekend.
-I never want to be a doctor, thank you greys anatomy
-I have the cutest niece on God's given earth, but I DO NOT, want a child of my own for atleast 20 years.
-It's impossible to get back to Austin from Dallas in less than 4 hours on a Sunday.
-Wine is the best pre-party
-I am going to have terrible arthritis and will probably just kill myself once i start getting symptoms, poor old people :(
-I'm sooo READY to be done with college classes, football games...not so much!

Welp that's all folks, gotta run to class!

Hope everyone's october is going swiftly... bring on the halloween candy and thanksgiving feast!

all my love,


ps. any halloween costume ideas?


  1. Looooooooove the new blog! Sad i'm not in any of your pics, but you look fab darling, just FAAAAAAB! Agreed with your cutest neice com and REEEEEEEAALLY agree with the no kids for 20 yrs thing. I say when we are 40 we adopt a 17 year old so we don't have to go through babie, middle school or craaazy high school years. We can just ship them off to college and get grandkids 15 years after that. That's the ticket.

    love you forever and always.



  2. Ok I second Erin on the new blog, love it and i see Eleanor so much in that pic of you up top - are you sure she isn't your baby?

    Also, why don't you want kids for 20 years? You will be such a good momma! Or if you really want to be like that then I might be fine with it (even though you would be depriving Eleanor of cousins bc let's face it you are her only hope for a while...) bc then I will have you to come be E's second momma! Love you and miss you! LMK about the 20th of Nov...Andy is really thinking he might do a guys weekend that weekend...we could get our Christmas shopping knocked out then too! Love you!

  3. Hahaha but I love babies :) I have a serio bucket list before I want them for my own! Linds you get me in this ideaology of wanting to jumpstart sometimes because i'm so excited about it!

    I'm so sad you have been so absent in my life E! COME TO TEXAS!