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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not just your average Thursday...

Yea there ain't nothing not affected
When two hearts get connected
All that is will be or ever was
Every single choice we make
Every breath we get to take
Is all because two people fell in love
-Kenny Chesney

This past thursday I had the privilege of a mesquite grilled steak dinner with two of the most precious people to me in the world. It was some of the best conversation with my grandparents in i'm pretty positive EVER. I feel like all of my life I've looked up to them and wanted to make them proud of me and this past thursday I had the overwhelming feeling that's just it THEY ARE.

On the way to the farm memories rushed through my head of all of the great times we have had over the years. I started to get really sad that my sisters weren't going to be there this time to have some sort of adventure. It is crazy to look back and think about how each year what we would do out there would change, how i used to HATE sitting in the living room and "visiting".. I always wanted to be doing something. Always lurking around waiting for the right time to ask Grandpa for the keys to the truck, or rummaging through the dump for hidden treasures. I never understood why grownups could just sit there and talk. I have to say that this is the first time in my 21 years of life that i've understood.

It is amazing to just sit there and watch how my grandparents interact. How they live out there on this farm and it's just them. How almost 60 years ago they chose to get married and knew that they would being doing exactly this in the year 2010. I hope that I get lucky enough to find someone to spend my forever with. And i feel so lucky that they fell in love and made my forever even possible.

I love you guys!

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