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Thursday, February 17, 2011

i can't read my own handwriting

Okay so i'm sitting in my media law class right now and the most bazaar thing just happened. We are getting our case briefs back and a student in class (lets just call him Abe, referring to his Abe Lincoln-ish chops and more you will learn about him) snaps at our prof about 5 points that were deducted on his paper. The prof attempts to resolve the issue but ends up just advising him to come in to his office hours. Abe snaps back saying he does not know the office hours and is then advised to look at the syllabus. Abe responds that he does not have internet, Prof tells him to go to a school computer. After a few seconds of arguing Abe is silent and lecture continues...

A few minutes later Abe gets up looking for a plug. Yes, you would think it was for his laptop, but no it is for his TYPEWRITER. He makes a scene looking for a plug and ends up planting himself in the middle of the auditorium. Prof starts to lecture again... He starts typing.. his TyPEWRITER...everyone is immediately distracted and Prof explains that is not going to work. Abe retorts, "If you just tell me your office hours so I can type them down I will leave and be done" At this point, students are annoyed and start searching for office hours to tell him. One even says why don't you just write them down, I will give you paper and a pen. Abe's response "I can't read my own handwriting" IS THIS A JOKE?

At this point students and prof are getting more angry, one girl points out that Abe has an Iphone and Prof goes on a vendetta about how this is a class about free speech, but this is not the place or time for his revolt against laptops or something?

I was just sitting there dumbfounded crossing my fingers that Ashton Kutcher was about to walk in the room and tell us we got Punked!

I honestly don't think i've ever seen a typewriter in person in my life, and don't those antiques cost more than a laptop these days anyways?

Hope this story was as entertaining to you as it was to my Media Law class!



  1. i just started blogging too mary! funny post! i'll follow you if you follow me.

    ps. cute design on your blog!

  2. Hilarious! Tell Abe to go back to 1972. And I can't believe you have never seen a typewriter! Mom used to have one..we did my brochure on Paris on it in 3rd grade...that was a doozy! HAHA I forgot about that...anyway, I do love computers! :) Love you sister!