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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

toosday gossip

so blogeteers, since all of my shows are on Mondays now (quite the problem when dvr only records 2 at a time) i've decided to do a little post to discuss the recent episodes.....

If you don't already, you should definitely start reading NYMagazine's Gossip Girl Reality Index.. they are most often hilarious, and always saying exactly what i'm thinking. A couple of my favorites from this week were...

Blair, meanwhile, is wearing a blazer for her day as a professional. A blazer made of gold. PLUS 2.
-----i say why the heck NOT!

"Roses are red, hydrangeas are blue. Chuck's given his heart away...But guess what, Blair? Not to you." Gossip Girl, WHAT THE F ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? MINUS 10.
----okay but seriously, what happened to violets? And lets just talk about Chuck for a second... since when does he "give his heart away" so easily.. First rando french girl and now chi town princess. I'm SO over this, how about you?

Serena: "Thank you for saving me from a Valentine's Day even more depressing than the movie I was going to watch about it." PLUS 4 because hey, wait, the cast of this show are the only actors in Hollywood who weren't in that godforsaken film.
----AMEN and rightfully so! Here's to UN-vday S!

As for this makeout photo that has been leaked of Blair and a mysterious brunette...IT IS NOT DAN! And here's why:
-Dan would never be getting out of a LIMO

If you watch 90210 or the Bachelor I will probably do re-caps next week. But all I have to say is thank GOD he got rid of the psycho. I'll leave you with a quote from The Tom Aldon "I mean you've got to be crazy to go on that darn show in the first place, but that girl was INSANE!"

Hope everyone had a fabulous toosday :)

1 comment:

  1. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! That pic makes me wanna vom. Maybe she's doing it to make Chuck jeal or something! Ok time for me o start getting ready, I'll text ya later gator, Looove you!