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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Take me out to the ball game, I wanna be in the CROWD!

It's baseball season people. All these W's for the Rangers have gotten me on a baseball high like no other. As long as I can remember, baseball season has been one of my favorite parts of the year. Growing up being a tomboy, my dad always brought me along to games in all of the places we lived. Someday my dad and I are going to tour the nation and go to a game at every stadium... how sweet would that be to check off the bucket list?

This year, since all of my friends have gotten drafted and college baseball is no longer as exciting, (i am so old its depressing) I am devoting all of my fandom to the Texas Rangers! CLAWWWWWSSSS.. ANTLERRRRRRSSSS! LETSSS GOOOO!! I challenge you to be the best Ranger fan you can be too :)

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