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Monday, March 7, 2011

and that's why i love my roomates

I've had the pleasure of living with 2 of the coolest cats on this side of the pillow the last 7 months that is definitely starting to feel like years these days. We have gotten so used to being in eachothers day to day routine. There are so many things they have done for me that I could not begin to thank them for, here are a few. I hope you all are blessed with roomies like mine, but i think they are one of kind, so good luck :)

- Kendell running across i-35 with a gas can to save me when I ran out of gas. She risks her LIFE for me.

-Katie's love for cheese, almost as great as mine and my sister's. We may be out of everything in the fridge, but there is always a cheese stick or block, without fail.

-The fact that Kendell has the ability to digress in story telling sessions as much as i do. It may take an hour, But that 5 minute segment of my night was REALLY THAT IMPORTANT.

-Their undeniable motivation to layout!

-The "study nights" where we assume our seating posistions in the living room and don't speak...well until one of us gets on facebook and sees something funny to talk about.


-How I can literally take the outfit off Katie's body and put it on mine the minute she decides against going out when I don't like what i'm wearing, I'd be lost and in my birthday suit without her!

-They are the ULTIMATE wing-women

-They have adapted to my show obsessions and even discuss them with me like the people are actually our friends too!

I've been kinda struggling lately with determining what is really making me happy in my life and last night it really hit me, it's them. I don't know what I would do without yall and wish I could drag you along to wherever it may be that I venture to post-san marvelous!

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  1. San Marvelous? You mean San Muckfest...that was lame I am too tired to think of a better yucky M word thankful God gave you such sweet roomies and friends! I miss living with all girls haha...Andy's clothes' don't look very cute on me...though they were convinent in my 50lb preggo weight gain...lastly, it is hilarious that you have a label JUST for! I love you pretty pretty MEA princess!!!!