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Saturday, March 5, 2011

promises promises

soo lent is just around the corner and usually the main thing that means for me is fish taco fridays and ONLY 40 Days till I get to start wearing my favorite jcrew white pants! But this year i'm going for some serious promises.

My tactics usually end up with giving up like 4 or 5 things so if i fail at one at least I have the others (or fail at 4 at least I have one left) So this year i'm going to make it a challenege. I'm giving up 2 THINGS and making a pact with one. (3 total...big strides people). I already have give up thing one locked in, but i'd like to leave this open to the masses for thing 2.

Thought process: What do I obsess over most
facebook / twitter not gonna work i need this for my job and campaign.. e're shooting for a clean break here

gossip girl unfortunately Josh Schwartz is forcefully taking this away from me for lent.. no new episodes until April 18th

shopping even if i wanted to shop i couldn't, no $$ till august. so depressing for my spring wardrobe, donations and hand me downs are accepted.

dr. pepper


music in the car

I can't really think of much else... any suggestions i'm open?

4 days in couting till the 40 BEGIN!!!

Don't forget to get your ashes on wednesday bloggers :)



  1. Hey, Mar, I've given up Brussels sprouts and foreign black and white movies!!