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Friday, July 29, 2011

There is so much more time in a day..

..When you AREN'T rushing to get things done!

Sheesh laweesh has this been an interesting sick-filled week! I am 10 days away from finishing my college career! Which, may I add includes 3 tests, 2 and a half paintings, and 2 4 hour drives to and from Dallas for an interview! But it will all be worth it on celebration day AUGUST 12!! I hope this finds everyone at the beginning of a spectacular weekend! Here are some of my favorite things these days.. hope you can enjoy them too :)
the image of my next painting... i look at this pretty much 10 hours a day!

the answer to all things "job hunt"

What I like to call the "grease catcher"..I'd die or have to take waayy too many showers without this bad boy! Oh and lovin some Hannah Renner as well :)

And for those days I decide to shower.. the perfect scrunching serum (i've been searching for years) Keeps away the frizz and lasts all day if used with defuser!

And if you didn't know it already, all my FAVORITE sows are now being played on teen nick @ nite from the 90's!!

Adios friends :)

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