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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thank Your Lucky Stars

I've actually been having this thought process a lot lately. Now, I'm sure come July 1 when i'm in work clothes sweating my booty off and paying entirely too much on an electric bill my view might be a little different. But, there is just something about Texas, being a Texan, and being pretty darn proud of it. I feel like lately I've been reminded of that more often than not.

Whether it be the fact that no one from any other state seems to know their state flower....but Texans wait patiently for their spring pictures every year in the Bluebonnets (If you're in Dallas off 635 in Irving.) I've also kind of wondered if people from out of state think it's weird that all of their friends from Texas send them the same Christmas card picture in a field of blue flowers (weeds in some eyes)?

Through traveling for work or just meeting new people out and about in Dallas, i have met more than a few people who have talked about how friendly Texans are. We aren't that "fake nice" feeling you get when you head east of us, or the nice by way of just staying out of one another's business when you head north. People in Texas genuinely care about human beings. I think a lot of that honestly has to do with how much pride we have in our state and how we just don't see how everyone else shouldn't love it too!

So when you are stressed out this week, or just don't have anything to be excited about. You better "thank your lucky stars" that you are from Texas, got to Texas, or are on your way here soon! It's a blessing!



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